12-Year-Old Ryan Gosling Was Just as Smooth Then as He Is Now (VIDEO)

ryan goslingRyan Gosling may be one of today's hottest actors and one of the world's most vocal feminists, but back in the day, he was just an innocent, jean shirt wearing young boy with a little Canadian accent and a big dream. Ryan gave an interview to Canada AM on TV back when he was 12 years old, during which he explained, with a big smile and bright eyes, just how excited he was about joining the cast of the Mickey Mouse Club. Aw!

In honor of the morning show's 40th anniversary, Canada AM's released this Ryan Gosling video, and if you're a fan of his, Ottawa accents, denim wear, and amazing late '80s hairdos, please, by all means, settle in and enjoy.


He was mad smooth, even back then! What a professional. So poised, so polished, so cute.

And since he said he loved dancing as much as he loves singing and acting, I've got my fingers crossed for a Ryan Gosling musical in 2013.

How cute is he?


Photo via hollywoodreporter.com

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