Britney Spears' Wedding May Have Suspiciously Perfect Timing

britney spears x factorNow that her ex Justin Timblerlake is a married man, guess it's time for Britney Spears to get with it and say "I do" to her agent-turned-fiance Jason Trawick! According to the rumor mill, Brit and Jason -- who have been engaged since his b-day last December -- are planning to wed in "mere weeks."

According to a source in the Mirror (a U.K. tabloid, so take it as you will), Britney "put a treadmill into her X Factor ­dressing room and is making sure she’s ­jogging as often as she can. She’s taking her look ­incredibly seriously and has said she will ­dazzle with her outfits and her body on the live finals of X ­Factor. It’s very much a countdown to the nuptials right now ... We’re ­talking within weeks." Sounds like perfect timing!


After all, the last few weeks couldn't have been stress-free for the star. Although we've heard she's sheltered as much as possible, I wouldn't be surprised if she's had to face some nasty details and accusations coming out of the ongoing trial involving her former manager Sam Lutfi. And then, of course, the love of her life ex-BF JT goes to Italy and finally gets hitched to Jessica Biel. Not that marriage should ever be a Band-Aid for anything, but I can imagine having her wedding to Jason happen sooner rather than later would certainly be a pick-me-up.

Apparently, she doesn't really need it to be, according to the Mirror's source, who reports:

[Britney]’s got her groove back. X Factor has given her a new lease on life. She wants to show people what originally made her so famous again.

Playing the part of the stunning, beaming, completely content bride in her third-time's-the-charm wedding definitely seems like one way to do that!

Do you think the timing of Britney's upcoming wedding is just a coincidence or there's more to it?

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