'Blue Bloods' Star Jennifer Esposito Says Celiac Disease Got Her Fired

jennifer esposito blue bloodsWhat is it with CBS and their television stars? It seems like every year a very public fight breaks out between management and talent and, wow, can it get ugly. This time it's Jennifer Esposito, the star of Blue Bloods who is calling out CBS for what is seemingly a complete lack of consideration for her health, and getting a Twitter revolution started after getting the boot, rather than getting treatment.

While Jennifer Esposito suffers from celiac disease and claims that she's being let go from the show -- and held to a contract -- because of her illness, CBS is saying that she can't do her job properly, so see ya!

Let's take a look at both sides, shall we?


The official CBS statement claims that Esposito can only work on a limited, part-time schedule and therefore must go. Esposito claims that she needed time for treatments due to celiac and a doctor recommended a reduced schedule, but CBS refused. Which basically sounds like, "Hi, I need some time off for my health," with the response being, "No. You're fired." 

Granted, I'm a fellow celiac so I'm going to lean sympathetic. But it doesn't take someone with a disease to see the disparity here. I mean, how many times was Charlie Sheen allowed to stop production due to drug addiction before he was let go? How many actors are treated for "exhaustion" while the production is held up? 

Celiac is a very serious disease, and most often wildly misunderstood. Every celiac is different, and Esposito says she needs some vitamin IV treatments, as well as less stress. While I might just need to eat gluten-free and a ton of coffee to work those long hours, all of our bodies react differently to this auto immune disease.

Still, it seems odd that if you have a medical condition your workplace would not be accommodating. In fact, there are laws against this kind of discrimination. What the heck is going on over there?

Do you think Jennifer Esposito should be back on the job?

Image via CBS

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