Tony Scott's Autopsy Report Gives the Final Answer on His Tragic Suicide

Tony ScottNearly two months to the day after British-born film director and producer Tony Scott leaped to his death from the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro, California, the autopsy and toxicology report results are in. LA County coroner's officials have released the final cause of death in the 68-year-old's suicide, and the answers are both tragic and unsurprising: Tony Scott died of multiple blunt-force injuries from the 185-foot drop.

According to the chief coroner investigator, no evidence was found that Scott had any serious underlying medical conditions, despite widespread rumors that he'd been suffering from inoperable brain cancer before his death.

While some may have been hoping that the autopsy would provide an clear-cut explanation, even the medications found in his system lead to the same unhappy conclusion about why Tony Scott chose to take his own life.


The fact is, nothing in the autopsy will ever definitively answer the question of why he made the irreversible decision he did on August 19. Coroners found therapeutic levels of a sleeping aid (Lunesta) and an antidepressant (Mirtazapine) in his body, but that pretty much puts him in same category of millions of Americans. I'm not even sure you can point to the presence of an antidepressant as an indicator of someone's mental health, considering 11 percent (!) of this country is taking them and they're used to treat such a wide variety of issues.

At any rate, we don't need a medical report to tell us that something was terribly, terribly wrong with Tony Scott. You don't just choose to leave behind a wife, two young sons, and a well-respected career because you're having a bad morning. I can sort of understand why the brain cancer rumor started, because it's so inexplicable why he ended his life -- especially for those who say they had zero indication he was suffering -- but now that the results are in, it's time for the questioning to stop.

Even taking into consideration the suicide notes he reportedly left for his loved ones, the only person who knows why Tony Scott committed suicide is Tony Scott. And hopefully, he's resting at peace now.

Did you think there would be some sort of explanation revealed in Tony Scott's autopsy?

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