Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel’s Wedding Photos Were Sold on the Cheap Compared to These Celebs

justin timberlake jessica bielJustin Timberlake and Jessica Biel spent a reported $6.5 million on their wedding (sounds like they flew their family and friends on a private jet from Germany to Italy -- luckies!), so it's only natural that they'd wanna recoup some of their expenditures by selling their wedding photos. Page Six says that JT and JB struck a deal with People magazine, and will get $300,000 in exchange for some exclusive wedding pics. The couple's also given OK! the right to publish pics, in Europe, of their big day -- the amount of that deal was not disclosed.

Now, listen. Does anyone else think $300K isn't that much? That OK! deal aside, let's see how Justin and Jessica's wedding photo payday compares to other celebrities' compensation.


When Ashton Kutcher married Demi Moore back in 2005, they sold their black and white wedding pictures to OK! for a cool $3 million. It's said they donated the money to Katrina victims, but I hope they saved from for their divorce attorneys.

In 2007, Desperate Housewives' Eva Longoria married basketball star Tony Parker and sold their fairytale wedding photos to OK! for $2 million.

Anna Nicole Smith's wedding to Howard K. Stern was apparently so interesting to folks that People bought their photos for $1 million back in 2006.

And who could forget Kim Kardashian -- the photos from her wedding to Kris Humphries were snagged up by People for $1.5 million.

Because no Justin Timberlake post is complete without a reference to Britney Spears ... his ex sold her child's first photos back in 2005 to People for $500,000.

So, hmm. That leaves Jessica and Justin behind everyone by at least $200,000. I wonder why they didn't get even half as much as Anna Nicole Smith did. Oof. Are people just not that interested in JB and JT's wedding, since, you know, neither of them has anything particularly interesting going on? Are they just too normal to illicit big pay days for their wedding?

I don't know -- it just seems like 300 g's is a little on the low side. Maybe their deal with OK! was way more substantial, but darn, if I were them, I'd be a little peeved that I was outdone by a Kardashian.

(Oh! Speaking of which. Totally random, but I happened to find this on the Internet the other day, and just, like, whoa. How funny is that?)

Are you surprised by Justin and Jessica's relatively low payday?


Photo via Harry How/Getty

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