Robert Pattinson's Look Takes Another Ugly Turn in 'Kristen's Clothes'

Robert PattinsonHis overall appearance has taken a major nose dive ever since he got back together with Kristen Stewart, but after seeing Robert Pattinson wearing this ugly, patterned shirt while promoting Breaking Dawn Part 2 in Sydney -- it looks as though he's completely given up on looking remotely polished or fashionable.

It's almost like he was initially off to a good start when he got dressed and chose this suit, but then he had to go and put that crazy shirt on underneath, making him look more fit for a '70s-themed party than a red carpet appearance.


In fact, this shirt is so bizarre that some are even speculating that he might have borrowed it from Kristen Stewart. (Aww, how cute.)

Somehow I doubt that's actually the case, because I'm not sure Kristen would have anything this hideous in her closet. But you have to admit, the lack of a collar and tacky pattern of the shirt have all the makings of a piece of clothing that was not purchased in the men's department, so I guess it's possible that KStew lent it to him?

Whatever the case, Rob really should take a good look at how he was dressing right after his split from Kristen and go back to wearing those outfits -- because he looked damn good. Classy suits and ties work so much better for him than when he tries to step out of the box. He's Robert Pattinson for crying out loud -- so he really doesn't have to try so hard to get himself noticed.

Where do you think he found this shirt? Do you think it's actually Kristen's?


Image via Lisa Maree Williams/Getty

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