Liberty Ross Finally Speaks Out After Kristen Stewart's Affair With Her Husband (VIDEO)

If it's anyone who seems the most devastated by the Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders Cheatgate fiasco, it's Rupert's wife Liberty Ross. While Kristen and Rob seem to have reunited (for now, at least) and gotten on with their lives, and Rupert flails around trying to win back his wife with gifts, Liberty still isn't wearing her wedding ring, and she didn't seem too thrilled the last time she and her estranged husband were photographed together. Who can blame her? With two kids and a long marriage behind her, she's the one who had the most at stake. Now she's spoken out for the first time since the affair. And if I were Rupert, I wouldn't be counting on date night any time soon.


Liberty is a fashion model who walked the runway at an Alexander Wang show last month. Although in this interview she never mentions Rupert, Kristen, or Rob by name, it seems crystal clear what she's talking about. (What else could it be? Clothes?!) She was filmed saying:

I have a really good balance. I’m very happy with my life, and I’m lucky. I have good people. I have two amazing children. I believe that we’re all on journeys and we are all given lessons at certain times in our lives, and sometimes when things seem really bad, you have to be able to see the good and learn from it, and just move forward as graciously as possible.

Hmmmmm ... interestink! She has "good people," and mentions only her children, not her husband. And then she talks about "moving forward graciously." Does NOT bode well for Rups. And just in case that sounded a bit too warm and fuzzy, she added:

This year was the end of some things and the beginning of something else. Beginnings and endings are always really exciting. Change is really important in life.

The end of some things, eh?! Like her marriage?! All in all, she does seem gracious and mature. Can't say the same for her hubby.

What do you think of what Liberty says?

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