Britney Spears May Be the Victim Of a Greedy Ex 'Gofer'

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Stars are always targets for people looking for a quick and easy payday. Britney Spears is certainly no exception. Sam Lufti, the man who says he was her former manager and is suing the star for millions, may be lying about his relationship with Spears.

Lufti claims he is entitled to 15% of her earnings from 2007 and 2008. And that's no chump changed -- she earned between $800,000 and $1,000,000 per month during that time. But according to a top exec from her record company, Lufti's case is full of lies.


"I had never heard of this guy before,"  Barry Weiss, former Jive Records CEO, testified. "He was a gofer...someone who has menial tasks, like a personal assistant." That flies in the face of Lufti's claims that he had a hand in shaping her career for a period of time.

He's also suing her parents for libel, after they claimed he was taking advantage of her) and he says that dad Jamie Spears punched him in the chest. But for the singer,  the worst part of the trial has to be the rehashing of a very troubled time in her life. It has put her infamous meltdown (erratic behavior and that awful head-shaving incident) right back in the news. It was at that time she was placed under conservatorship, giving her father medical and financial control of her life.

It's a dark cloud over what has otherwise been a stellar year for Spears. After a tour and hit album, she landed a job as a The X Factor judge, which has allowed fans to see a different, more human side of the star. Perhaps this latest turn in the case means it will quickly come to an end and Spears can focus on the positive changes she has made in her life.

Do you think Lufti is lying about his relationship with Spears?


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