Christina Aguilera & 'Plus-Size' Dating Site Aren't a Sexy Match

christina aguilera the voiceChristina Aguilera may be divorced, but she's not exactly a single gal. The celeb mama, The Voice judge, and pop star has been dating Matthew Rutler, who she met on the set of Burlesque. But that hasn't kept plus-sized winner of America's Next Top Model, Whitney Thompson, from reportedly approaching her to be the spokesperson for Whitney's new dating site,, which is "specifically designed for women with curves!" The nitty-gritty: If she took the deal, Xtina would appear in at least one TV commercial, one radio commercial, do two photo shoots, four public appearances, and possibly even perform a jingle for the site. And oh, yeah, she'd get paid $3 million bucks! Ooof-ah!

Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure Christina and are a match made in celebrity endorsement heaven.


Although Whitney's site supposedly "doesn't discriminate against the size/shape" of its users and is meant as a place where all types of beauty are celebrated, I feel like that's being just a wee bit dishonest. After all, the site is called the "BIG" and the Beautiful, right? Isn't that kind of like saying cheaters site is a site for anyone who is looking for love? Sure, anyone who is married! Similarly, is for plus-size people looking for love ... Which is totally cool! But it's definitely a niche -- not "all-inclusive," as it seems they would have you believe.

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That said, I'm not seeing Christina Aguilera as the right woman for the job. Strike #1: She's not single and looking. Strike #2: She didn't use the site -- or a similar one -- to find her boyfriend ... as far as we know. Strike #3: I guess all things are relative, but she's not "big." She has rockin' curves, but she's certainly not plus-sized. What exactly is she going to say to potential users of the site that they'll really believe? Perhaps that she loves her curves and so does her man? Maaaaybe ... Sure, that could be cool, but come on, can you really see her taking this gig? I'm betting on a big, unpologetic "No way!"

What do you think about Whitney Thompson's dating site? Do you think Christina Aguilera should be their spokeswoman?

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