Taylor Swift's 'Red' Album Is Better Than a Best Girlfriend & Pint of Ice Cream

Breakups are hard for everyone, be it your favorite reality star, your best friend, or a Grammy-winning superstar like Taylor Swift (whose album "Red" is now out). I know this because I'm in the middle of a divorce.

As a blogger who's been inadvertently shoved into the public eye, I know personally how cruel people can become when breakups are made public. Someone's always to blame; there's judgement to be had, your every word picked apart and dissected, looking for hidden meaning. I know about the lies that are spread as the truth, and I know that at the times when you need your space the most, that's when you can no longer have it.

I can all but guarentee Taylor Swift can understand that, which is why, in times of crisis, I think of her grace and dignity and manage to keep on keepin' on.


Like Taylor Swift, I've done my best to live and love apologetically in a space where anyone who has Internet access can find it. In doing so, I've been hurt -- badly -- betrayed, the gossip and rumors flying rampantly.

It's times like these, times when I want to shut down my blog and go on living as someone outside the computer that I think of Taylor Swift. And I am able to keep going, living life out loud for anyone who wants to see it.

Taylor Swift, who's new album "Red" is now out and available, has channeled the pain of her breakup into songs about the loves of her life, and done so with grace and dignity, much more so than one can expect from a girl so young. While she may know me from a hole in the ground, the amount of strength, grace and dignity I can see in her songs and the way she carries herself, that is how I'm able to keep going.

If she can manage it, I can too.

Certainly Taylor Swift's breakup songs, the infamous "Dear John" purportedly about John C. Mayer, has been called into light and under scrutiny by fans of both artists, and I have no doubt that she took the words that tore her apart and turned them into something ratable; something the rest of the world can understand.

I admire her for that.

Swift lives her life and loves apologetically, something that sings loud and clear through her gorgeous voice, and it's something that we should all strive for: living life out loud.

Taylor Swift lives and loves on her own terms with grace and dignity -- we should all strive to be so strong.


Image via TaylorSwift.com

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