Robert Pattinson Only Took Kristen Stewart Back Because He Thinks He Can't Do Better

Robert PattinsonOk, I have a question. Am I the only one who feels more sorry for Robert Pattinson now that he's back together with Kristen Stewart than when she initially cheated on him with Rupert Sanders? Because when the pictures of her getting her smooch on with Rupert first surfaced, she's the one who looked like the loser in that relationship.

Here she had this amazing guy who worshipped the ground she walked on and she threw everything she had with him away simply because she coudln't resist the lure and temptation of making out with an older man.

But now that there's a new report says that Rob only took Kristen back because he's afraid of starting over again -- I feel even worse for the poor dude. Because if this story is true, then he's a much bigger pushover than I initially thought.


Yeah, yeah -- I'm sure there's still some underlying love there that will never go away, which definitely played into him giving her a second chance.

But a source also says, "He really loves her and is scared [of] what others might do to him in a relationship. He thinks that they might use him or have different intentions. He is comfortable with Kristen, and he is happy with her, and she knows it. He feels that she is the best for him."

Um, excuse me? He's scared of what others might do to him in a relationship? (Apparently cheating isn't as bad an offense as most people think.)

Wow. If he's really only back together with her because he just doesn't feel like starting the whole dating process over again, he's in for a very rude awakening once sheer resentment sets in. At some point down the road, the alarm is going to sound in his head and he'll think, "Wait a minute. This girl obviously didn't care about me enough to stay faithful. What the hell am I doing with her when there are plenty of other women who would jump at the chance to be with someone as loyal as me?"

Staying with someone out of fear of the unknown is about the stupidest reason to remain in a relationship -- and hopefully for Rob, he'll figure that out before she goes and breaks his heart again.

Do you honestly think Rob would have a hard time finding another girlfriend who would treat him right?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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