‘Real Housewife’ Adrienne Maloof's 'Difficult' Divorce Almost Makes Us Feel Sorry for Her

It would be easy to think that Adrienne Maloof isn't quite human, what with her reality show, her fortune, and her more-plastic-than-flesh face. Not to mention her surreal and bizarre divorce. But, hold up, folks. Adrienne is here to tell you she is human, and that her divorce is difficult. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star tells People:

It's very difficult. I'm not made of stone. I'm a real person. It's always difficult when your life is played out in the public.

Well, let's remember why Adrienne's life is played out in public. It's because she chose to play it out in public. Still, divorce isn't easy for anyone, I don't care who you are.


Adrienne and her husband, plastic surgeon Paul, have lobbed some dramatic accusations back and forth -- Adrienne once said Paul put his hands around their son's neck; her chef posted photos of Adrienne's bruised backside and essentially blamed Paul. Paul has also accused Adrienne of physical and verbal abuse. They seem to be gearing up for a bitter custody battle over their three sons.

All Adrienne and Paul's money, status, and fame doesn't seem to have bought them happiness or a way of dealing with each other in a positive fashion. Still, she admits that she's not as bad off as many women going through divorce, saying:

There are many women in this world who have it much more stressful than I do.

In some ways this is true. Adrienne's got a job on TV (though who knows how long it will last). She's also got a shoe and handbag line coming out. And since she is co-owner of Maloof Companies, whose properties include the Palms Resort casino in Las Vegas, she won't be broke after the divorce like a lot of women. On the other hand, that also means there's a lot more to fight over.

Divorce isn't a walk in the park for anyone -- even couples who are amicably divorcing find it sad and difficult. (After all, if things were really still so amicable, you'd still be married.) The death of a dream is never easy. Adrienne may not be the most sympathetic person in the world, but she too once had hopes and dreams about her marriage.

The important thing is to try and keep the divorce as civil as possible, especially when there are children involved. When your job is reality TV, it must be extremely tempting to make your split as dramatic as possible. But reality TV doesn't last long. Your divorce's effect on your children, however, can.

Do you feel sorry for Adrienne?

Image via Bravo

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