Pippa Middleton Discusses Famous 'Bottom' & All Its 'Global' Glory

pippa middletonOhmigosh, Pippa Middleton is breaking her silence!! Okay, she hasn't exactly been silent since she made an international splash as sister Kate Middleton's bridesmaid a year and a half ago. But we haven't the Duchess's sis speak out on what it's like to be insta-famous -- particularly because people revere your, uh, "bum." Until now! She's written a party book called Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends, which hits stores October 30.  And in an excerpt that run in You magazine, she reveals what it's like to be her these days ...

The famous little sister writes: "It is a bit startling to achieve global recognition before the age of 30 on account of your sister, your brother-in-law and your bottom." Haa, so, in other words, she's not exactly thrilled her sister's marriage and her booty has made her famous?


I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who would give their left lung for a shot at the kind of "global recognition" Pippa has gotten, but when you think about it, it's all very bizarre ... She hasn't actually done much of anything to command an international spotlight. She just happens to be the sister of the future Queen of England. And she has a lovely figure, which was accentuated by the dress she wore at her sister's wedding. Of which there were GAZILLIONS of images, of course, distributed to every inch of the globe. So -- odd, right?

But it's not like she's ungrateful for her newfound platform. In the excerpt, Pippa actually sounds cheerful and quite down-to-earth (go figure -- she and I are "astro twins," after all, having been born on the same exact day/year!) while describing how she feels about her fame ...

One day, I might be able to make sense of this. In the meantime, I think it's fair to say that it has its upside and its downside. I certainly have opportunities many can only dream of, but in most ways I'm a typical girl in her twenties trying to forge a career and represent herself in what can sometimes seem rather strange circumstances. 

In the meantime, it sounds like she's planning to make the best of it ...

I am by nature an optimist, so I tend to concentrate on the advantages. One of the most attractive has been the chance to publish Celebrate. I've always loved to write, so it seemed natural to try to combine this passion along with my enjoyment for entertaining, an enthusiasm I hope to share with others.

Aww! Good for her! The way she's discussing her notoriety just serves to make her even more likable. Hopefully the release of her new book will mean she gets a whole new fan following -- revolving not around her rear end or who her sister is, but her actual talents and abilities, of which she has many.

Would you check out Pippa's new book?


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