Kris Jenner Exposes More Than Her Breasts in Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

Kris JennerSigh. Even though getting older is something all women have to come to terms with at one point or another -- Kris Jenner seems to be out to prove that she most definitely isn't willing to accept the fact that she's 56.

And she actually seems to be trying to go one step further and somehow turn back the hands of time, considering she's supposedly spent $250,000 on plastic surgery procedures. OMG. Who would spend a quarter of a million dollars simply to look like another middle-aged woman who has resorted to going under the knife to avoid admitting her age? (Apparently Kris Jenner would.)

And if shelling out all that cash for plastic surgery wasn't enough proof that she has a major bone to pick with Father Time -- then Kris Jenner's recent nip-slip while wearing a Wonder Woman costume should clear things up once and for all.


Yes -- I said she had a nip-slip while wearing a Wonder Woman costume. (And not just one nip, but TWO nips.)

Ok, ok, so I'm sure flashing her nipples wasn't exactly her intention when she shared the photo of herself in the Halloween costume on Instagram -- or was it? Why would she hit upload on a photo where her nipples were obviously exposed? Surely she'd expect the backlash she's getting, so we have to assume she didn't realize she'd suffered a major wardrobe malfucntion before posting the photo.

(Huh. She should probably have her eyes checked -- you know, considering her age and all.)

I know she's a Kardashian and she has all those gorgeous daughters giving her a run for her money in the youthful appearance department each day, but if Kris would just take a deep breath and start acting like a 56-year-old, she could probably pull off being a pretty classy and beautiful 56-year-old.

Do you think Kris has an obsession with looking young?


Image via Splash

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