Michael Lohan Wants Conservator for Lindsay & It's the Smartest Thing He's Ever Said

Lindsay LohanLet me see if I've got this latest Lindsay Lohan craziness straight. So first she blew off some voice work on that super-amazing looking film of hers, The Canyons, which prompted writer/professional Twitter blowhard Bret Easton Ellis to publicly call her out in order to -- well, I don't know, drum up more publicity for his shitty movie? Because he surely couldn't have been surprised. Anyway, Lindsay's dad took took the opportunity to stage an intervention, which resulted in Lindsay calling the cops and her mom Dina telling TMZ that it was just a ploy by Michael to get his name in print again.

Since then, Michael has announced his plans for requesting a conservatorship over Lindsay. Because, you know: it's Michael Lohan. There's no way he's going to keep ANY of the family's private business private.

The sad thing is, despite Michael Lohan's questionable intentions and famewhoring, less-than-squeaky-clean lifestyle, this may be the smartest move any Lohan has ever made, ever.


In emails "obtained by TMZ," (aka, totally provided by Michael Lohan himself), Michael claims Lindsay’s entire management team was behind the intervention. Now, I wouldn't necessarily put it past the guy to forge that content, but assuming the emails are real, it seems like plenty of people are concerned about Lindsay's wellbeing -- with the exception of her mom Dina, because, well. You know. *plugs one nostril, makes meaningful sniffing noise*

The obvious conclusion is that Michael's trying to get ahold of Lindsay's cash with a conservatorship, but he claims he wants a judge to appoint a conservator (although he explicitly says it can't be Dina). He mainly wants the ability to force Lindsay into rehab, and not the mostly useless kind she went to in the past where, as he puts it, "She went in dirty and didn't come out clean."

He also wants the conservator to somehow convince Dina that they need family therapy, which he says she's always refused in the past.

Honestly? A conservatorship sounds like a terrifying concept -- the idea that someone could just take over my legal, medical and financial decisions completely freaks me out -- but what other options are there for Lindsay Lohan? Rehab didn't work, jail didn't work, nine hundred million billion pieces of bad press didn't work. She's been a trainwreck so long she looks like a blowsy middle-aged mess at just 26 years old.

Michael Lohan is a real piece of work, but in this case I think it almost doesn't matter what his intentions are. Maybe he's just trying to get more attention for himself with the conservatorship request, but who cares? If a judge could really find an objective third party who could get Lindsay some real help -- and get her away from her insanely toxic parents -- that seems like it would be the best thing that could happen to her.

Sure, she might end up a shell-shocked zombie like Britney Spears, but hey. It's better than being found dead in a hotel room, which is pretty much the only future I can imagine for her at this point.

Do you think a judge should seriously consider a conservatorship for Lindsay Lohan?

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