Melissa Rycroft's 'DWTS' Head Injury Is the Scariest Accident on the Show Yet

Melissa RycroftDancing With the Stars is a dangerous show. But Melissa Rycroft's head injury, reported just last night, may be the worst and scariest injury in the show's history. Of course, it was also inevitable.

This all-stars season is all about upping the ante and everyone is trying to compete with Shawn Johnson who, as we may recall, is an Olympic athlete. That's pretty hard to top. Poor Rycroft suffered a head and neck injury while working on her group dance and doing camera blocking for Monday night's show.

The fact is, even as recently as last week, Rycroft seemed headed toward some kind of injury. She was attempting flips and turns that would have made the average person's head spin. And now, this.



Her partner, Tony Dovolani sent out mysterious tweets saying things like:

Really concerned about @MelissaRycroft..... we don't know if we are dancing tomorrow !!!!! Please keep us in your prayers #trouper

Scary, no? The dancers on the show make it all look so easy, but in many cases, we are only seeing the finished product. All those flips and turns and dancing in heels comes at a cost to the body. Learning steps quickly and trying to wow people adds extra pressure.

Someone gets hurt in every season and the show makes it extra dramatic. But head and neck injuries are not small things. Sure it's awesome to wow the judges, but at what cost?

Rycroft is a young mom and since she was released from the hospital already, it seems she will likely be OK. But still. Maybe let's leave the tumbling to Shawn Johnson. She has been training for years while Rycroft was just on The Bachelor. It's not worth death to win this thing.

Let's hope she can dance tonight. She is a lot of fun to watch. This should make for quite the dramatic show, too. 

Do you think this head injury was inevitable?


Image via ABC

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