'SNL' Makes Brad Pitt's Hilariously Bad Chanel No. 5 Ad Even Funnier (VIDEO)

We were wondering how Saturday Night Live would spoof Brad Pitt's unintentionally (?) hilarious Chanel No. 5 ad and the one they came up with is totally SNL worthy. Taran Killam, looking very Brad Pitt-ish, stares forlornly into the camera, reciting Brad's actual mumbo-jumbo from the Chanel ad. That in and of itself is pretty funny. But then he starts asking the questions we all wanted to ask when we first saw this commerical. I mean, besides, "Brad, did you really need the money that badly?"


Taran has Brad's voice down pat as he burns a hole in the camera with his bedroom eyes while lamenting that, "This is not a journey ... every journey ends, but we go on ... " Mmm ... okaaay. But then, unlike Brad, Taran stops and sensibly asks, "I'm sorry -- is there really no script? 'Cause I've been talking to myself for like two hours straight and I'm starting to sound insane."

Agreed. What the heck was Brad thinking with this ad? Was he sleep-deprived from six kids? Did he truly think this was "art"? Maybe we need to cut Brad some slack. Sending six kids to college isn't going to be cheap and I'm sure the rumored $7 million he got for his ramblings will come in handy.

Back to the spoof. Taran voices what everyone who saw the Brad Pitt ad was thinking, saying, "What? You want me to sound less coherent? Really? Okay, I can just start making up words?"

Taran also takes a dig at Brad's less-than-polished style, asking, "Is it just me or do I look super homeless?" He ends with: "Chanel No. 5 ... in-under-stand-ublllle."

I watched the SNL spoof and the real ad back-to-back, and I'm not sure which one I laughed at more. Okay, it was Brad's ad. Honestly, you really can't get funnier than that. But SNL came close. Take a look. When you stop laughing, tell us what you think possessed Brad to do such a godawful ad?


Image via Hulu

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