Lindsay Lohan Wants the Courts to Keep Father Michael Far, Far Away

Lindsay LohanIf they gave out awards for most dysfunctional families, surely the Lohans of Lindsay would win a blue ribbon. Their troubles go way back. Dad Michael has been in and out of jail and rehab for years. Mom Dina managed to keep a lowish profile (or at least her crazy did) until her rambling appearance on Dr. Phil and her recent 911 blowout with Lindsay. I think we all know what part of Lindsay's issues are: Her parents! Michael seems to take glee in pretending to care about LiLo's welfare while simultaneously selling every bit of info he can get on her to the tabs. Now Lindsay is reportedly so fed up with her father that TMZ says she wants an order of protection against him.


Recently, Michael tried an "intervention" with LiLo at her Los Angeles pad, but she called the cops on him instead. Can't say I blame her. Someone needs an intervention with Michael to keep him away from Lindsay.

Perhaps Michael truly does care about Lindsay's well being, but it completely baffles me (and her, I imagine!) why he can't show that without also going behind her back and telling everything to the tabloids. Does that sounds like a caring father?

Angelina Jolie's father, Jon Voight, learned the hard way about blabbing to the press about his daughter when she refused to have anything to do with him for several years. Apparently Michael has yet to learn his lesson -- and something tells me that his narcissicm and quest for the limelight means he never will.

I doubt Linds will get an order of protection, which you normally don't get unless someone is making threats against you. But he does seem to be practically stalking LiLo -- with cameras in tow, natch.

The best thing Linds could do for herself to take a break from both parents. It might sound harsh to cut off your own parents, but sometimes it's necessary if you want to keep your sanity. A relationship with your children is a privilege not a right. It's sad, really.

Do you think Lindsay should cut off her parents?


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