Liberty Ross & Rupert Sanders' 'Reunion' Is a Far Cry from Kristen & Rob's

Now that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are back where they belong, back in baby's arms (Patsy Cline, anyone?), let's turn our attention to that other couple in Le Scandale of 2012: Director Rupert Sanders and his just barely-wife, Liberty Ross. They were recently photographed hugging after a therapy session in Hollywood (now there's an oxymoron). While that sounds like they're working on the relationship -- reports say that Liberty didn't look too thrilled about it.


Eyewitnesses (cough thephotographer cough) say that Liberty looked "standoffish and cold" after she and Rupert shared a "stiff" one (a hug, people, a hug!) after their marriage counseling session. Nor has she put her wedding ring back on. It must suck for Rup that the object of his affection, Kristen, has hightailed it back to her boyfriend as fast as her pout could take her while his wife is still taking her sweet time deciding what to do. Rupert also gave her a little brown box. Dotcha love it how guys buy gifts after they screw up royally? Hey, dudes, the best gift you can give your wife is not cheating!

Liberty, after all, seems to have other options: She was spotted out recently looking cozy with her ex-boyfriend. Not to mention that rumor has it she'd been suspecting him of cheating for awhile and might have been the one to sic the paps on him and Kristen in the first place.

Liberty has a lot more to forgive than Rob does: She and her husband have two children together, and they'd been married for a long time. And, who knows, maybe this wasn't the first time he'd been caught acting like a hound. Not to mention that Rups, as the older of the cheaters, was surely the "seducer" behind it. But word has it he is desperate to patch things up.

There's nothing dumber than risking your marriage for nothing -- and that's precisely what Rupert has done. (Presuming this whole thing isn't a weird publicity stunt, of course.) No wonder Liberty is biding her time.

Do you think Liberty should take Rupert back?

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