Katy Perry & John Mayer Are Doomed If She Thinks She Can Change Him

katy perry and john mayerKaty Perry is setting herself up for some serious disappointment. A source told Us Weekly, the pop singer, who has been dating John Mayer off-and-on for months, "believes she can change him."

Oh Katy. You silly girl. Don't you know a leopard is more likely to change his spots than that continual heartbreaker. Just ask his laundry list of A-list exes -- Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Minka Kelly. But the "Wide Awake" singer is intent on turning him into a new man and you won't believe her crazy plan.


"She doesn't want to be just another one of his conquests," added the insider. All that guy has is conquests. He goes from one starlet to the next. Still, Katy is confident she is the one that can change him by playing hard to get. "She recently told John she was open to seeing other people," the source said. Another pal added, "Once Katy turned her back on him, he started chasing her again!"

Hmmm. Doesn't sound like such a great idea to me. She should just enjoy him while he remains interested. Sadly, Katy will likely end up like the others -- with bad memories of her time with the "Heartbreak Warfare" singer.  She will surely be the subject of a snarky, sleazy interview (like Jessica's "sexual napalm" humiliation) or end up a wisecrack in one of his songs. That's the cost of loving -- or rather lusting over -- John.

Do you think Katy Perry can change John Mayer?


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