Kristin Cavallari Shares How She & Her Fiance Keep the Spark Alive After Baby

kristin cavallariBy now, you probably know former Dancing with the Stars contestant and MTV star Kristin Cavallari looks absolutely amazing, having shed any baby weight (of which there was to speak) lickity-split. But she also couldn't seem happier. The new mom talked to The Stir while in New York City to host the Bing It On Halloween Costume Challenge, and she spoke to us exclusively about another aspect of postpartum life: Her relationship with her fiance, Jay Cutler, quarterback for the Chicago Bears. (Go Bears!)

Turns out, somehow, even with 2-month-old Camden Jack at home and football season in full swing, the new mom and dad make time for romance.


For one, when they're home, Jay and Kristin take turns cooking up yummy Italian meals for one another. Kristin shared, "He's really good at making lasagna, and I've been making eggplant parmigana!" But it sounds like sometimes, when they just need to get out of the house, they manage to do that, too. "His sister lives [nearby], which is great, so she'll come over and babysit, and we'll have date night," she explained.

Aww! I know it can't be easy to leave lil' Cam at home, but there's definitely something to be said for taking an evening off and getting out together as a couple. It's so easy to get bogged down by the daily grind, especially with a newborn, that it seems integral to not only keeping up with one another, but keeping the sparks flying!

Of course you might not want to stay out as late as you used to, but that's okay. A couple of hours could be just enough to enjoy some cozy one-on-one time. All in all, date night's definitely one underrated must-do in any parent's life, so good for Kristin and Jay for making it a priority from the start. And how sweet of Jay's sis to help these lovebirds-turned-new parents out!

Did you and your honey put date night on the to-do list when you had a newborn?


Image via Maressa Brown

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