Kristen Stewart's Latest Interview Is More Embarrassing Than Those Cheating Photos (VIDEO)

Kristen Stewart FlorabotanicaA 15-minute "live chat" interview with Kristen Stewart yesterday to promote her new Florabotanica fragrance from Balenciaga has to be one of the most refreshingly raw and spontaneous interviews I've seen with the 22-year-old Twilight star in some time. It was so incredibly awkward that the one-hour interview was cut to a quarter of the time, after the sophisticated French interviewer, looking around the set like a deer in headlights, said: "Good. I think we have all the questions answered ..." even though what she was really thinking inside was "HELP ME I'M DROWNING HERE SOMEBODY SAVE ME."

I am totally buying this perfume.


I may very well be the only person in the world buying this perfume after this disaster show of a product pitch, but this is definitely the perfume for me.

What sold me? I could not explain it better than Stewart herself:

"Luckily I like this fragrance so I don't have to lie about that."

"It's dangerous, definitely. It is super French and I think [snapping fingers] I don't know. It's French."

"The one thing with fragrances is you can start to smell like an old lady, like a chemical. I don't get that from this."

"It kind of puts me on a step up, it puts me on my game a little."

"When I wear it I feel older."

"Is it youthful? Yes and no. It depends how you wear it. It could go either way."

"Um. My mind isn't allowing me to go any further with this. I'm intimidated by this question."

"Damn right."

"I'm not BSing."


I can just see the new slogan splashed over all the magazines ads now: "Florabotanica: The super French, dangerous fragrance that, I dunno, makes you feel a lot older. But not in a 'chemical-y' way. Cool."

Could you get through this video without cringing or laughing?

Image via mfoc dos/YouTube

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