Kristen Stewart May Have Tried to Steal Jennifer Aniston's Man

Kristen StewartWow. After rumors about her cheating with Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner surfaced, I really didn't think things could get much worse for Kristen Stewart. But now Star Magazine has put out a new report insisting that Kristen made a play for Justin Theroux (that's right -- Jennifer Aniston's man) sometime earlier this month, before she and Robert Pattinson got back together.

An eyewitness to the alleged encounter at the Chateau Marmont said that Kristen "laughed continuously at his (Justin's) jokes and at one point even touched his hand. It was kind of surprising to see, but she seemed completely relaxed."

(OMG. Really?!?)


Ok, so I understand that Kristen hasn't exactly earned herself the reputation of an angel considering she cheated on Rob with Rupert Sanders and all, but is there really a chance that she actually tried to go after Jennifer Aniston's fiance? Because stealing Jen's man is a pretty bold move that comes with pretty grave consequences -- just ask Angelina Jolie.

And if Kristen and Justin were seen acting flirty at the Chateau Marmont, then one of two things is probably going down here. Either they were innocently talking and the eyewitness mistook their exchange for something romantic, or Kristen figured since most of the world has already deemed the most hated woman in showbiz, she might as well go out with a bang and go after Justin Theroux.

And if neither of those two scenarios is the case, then this whole story is totally bogus and Kristen and Justin have never run into each other in L.A. or any other city for that matter. For whatever reason, my gut tells me this whole thing being made up is much more plausible.

(But man -- if she really did hit on him, she's one hell of a ballsy chick.)

Do you think Kristen went after Justin?


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