Pregnancy Won't Make Kate Middleton's 'Naked Photo' Nightmare Go Away

Kate MiddletonIt's no secret that the royal couple is under more than enough pressure to produce some seriously beautiful royal offspring as soon as possible, but now there's a rumor going around that Kate Middleton is trying to get pregnant in the hopes of repairing her scarred image.

The nude photo scandal definitely rocked the Duchess of Cambridge to her core, and now "a source" says Kate thinks a pregnancy is the perfect way to take the focus off the photos and make herself look nice and squeaky clean again.

And while this is probably nothing more than a crazy rumor, if there is any shred of truth to the idea of Kate getting pregnant to fix her problems, unfortunately she's in for a rude awakening.


Because anybody who has ever had a baby will tell you that going through pregnancy and bringing a child into the world only amplifies whatever is wrong in your life instead of making negative things disappear.

When I became pregnant with my son, I wasn't exactly in love with my job, and I was so thrilled to finally turn in my resignation letter during my third trimester. I was also living out in Denver far away from my family, and felt extremely lonely at times. And I figured quitting my job to enjoy the remainder of my pregnancy and then become a stay-at-home mom would magically turn my life out west into a perfect little oasis where all was right with the world again.

But as it turns out, having a baby only made me feel more alone, and I longed to return to the east coast even more. Having a child didn't make me forget that I wasn't living where I wanted to be -- it only reminded me even further that things were anything but rosy and happy.

For her sake, hopefully when Kate does become pregnant, it will be because she and Prince William genuinely want to start a family together, not because she thinks a baby will make the photo scandal go away. Pregnancy is such a joyous time in a woman's life, and there's no sense tainting it and having it ruined with false hopes.

Did getting pregnant make your problems go away, or are they worse?


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