Drake Just Earned the Greatest Award of His Life and It Has Nothing to Do With His Music

DrakeCongratulations are in order for Drake, not because of a hot single or a new set of tour dates but because as of Wednesday, he’s a high school graduate. A few years later than the average kid, but the 25-year-old is far from average anyway—he left school to take an acting job when he was cast in the role of Jimmy, a wheelchair-bound basketball player on Degrassi: The Next Generation about 10 years ago. And that was the drop in the bucket of celebrity that turned Aubrey Graham into just Drake. Now with brand new diploma.


Kanye West may pride himself on being a college dropout, but Drizzy Drake is excited to be a high school graduate. He promised his mother he would finish and by golly, he did it.

Hip-hop artists aren’t the most obvious role models. Never have been. But I think they get shortchanged of the positive things they do do, so I commend Drake for valuing not only his word to his mama, but the importance of education. He was genuinely proud of his accomplishment, tweeting to fans that he earned an A on his final exam and a B plus in the class overall, and that earning his sheepskin was “one of the best feelings in my entire life.

No news on what he plans to do next and if he’ll enroll in college like his homeboy Lil’ Wayne, who earned his GED and took classes at the University of Houston back in 2005. (Similarly, no news on whether or not Wayne is still pursuing that poli sci degree, but at least he started.) But hey, no rush. Let’s just hope that the kids who look up to his bravado will also look up to how he finished his learning.

Would you let your kid finish school with a GED instead of a regular diploma?

Image via Lunchbox LP/Flickr

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