Britney Spears' Ex-Manager Says She Shaved Her Head to Cover Up Major Drug Problem

Britney SpearsRemember back in 2007 when Britney Spears shaved her head, and no one could figure out what in the hell possessed her to do such a thing? We knew she wasn't well, but I don't think  many would have guessed the real reason she did  it-- or at least the real reason her former manger, Sam Lutfi says she did it.

Lutfi, who is suing Spears and her parents for libel, dropped the bomb today in court as the case kicked off.  According to TMZ, his attorney told the court that the incident stemmed from a serious drug problem the singer had, particularly with crystal meth. He says she was so worried that a judge would test her hair for drugs and then take her kids, that she attempted to solve the problem by shaving her head so there would be no hair to test.

Interesting theory, but ... really?


I don't know, it seems like if that was her motive she wouldn't have done it in a public salon, and that she would have come up with some kind of reason for doing so instead of the random way it happened. Plus, there are plenty of other ways drugs can be detected. If you're that strung out on drugs then maybe none of that matters, but I still find it hard to believe.

As for her alleged drug use in general, I don't know. She was pretty messed up for awhile, but they are making some pretty big allegations and claiming that Lutfi tried to save her from herself but was punished for it. In an opening statement today, Lufit's attorney Joseph Schleimer said, "She liked to use amphetamines—speed or uppers. She liked to take that drug. And most of the things that went wrong were related to that drug."

According to Radar Online, he also said that the night she was taken into involuntary psychiatric hold she had overdosed on amphetamines and that he tried to keep her from performing at the 2007 MTV Awards because she was "overweight" but "Britney wouldn't hear it."

The judge presiding over the case warned Lutfi's attorney that he'd better be able to back up his allegations with evidence, and he says he'll produce it.

My client has never been paid for serving as her manager. He was made famous as the guy who drugged Britney Spears and put her in the hospital. The evidence will show the defendants ruined my client's reputation.

With Lutfi's side coming out of the gate with such strong allegations, it's hard to imagine what else they're going to put out there. No matter how bad the news they dish up, however,  it's old news. The most important thing is that Britney is in a much better place today no matter what happened back then.

What do you think of these drug abuse bombshells?


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