Kim Kardashian’s Insane Wardrobe Choices Probably Help Her Lose Weight

kim kardashianI hear Kim Kardashian's been trying to lose weight, so when I saw her in leather pants and a fur jacket in Miami, in 90-degree heat, I didn't think she was a fashion victim or anything, no. Quite the contrary, actually. I thought Kim was a dieting genius. What better way to shed some poundage than draping yourself in animal skins and sweating out all that pesky water your body's carrying around, keeping you alive? Kim may look kind of crazy in her too-warm outfit, but really, she's just crazy smart.

Here are a few other ways to sweat out the weight. 

  1. Take Kim Kardashian's approach. Dress like an Eskimo as close to the equator as physically possible and watch your waist waste away.
  2. Take AC Slater's approach. Remember that episode of Saved by the Bell where Slater's trying to lose weight for a wrestling match and he wears garbage bags everywhere? Those things will make you sweat your face off. Perfect!
  3. Take Kim Zolciak's approach. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star uses LA Slim Wraps to lose water. I'm sure it's pricey, but she swears it works. 
  4. Take Lauren Conrad's approach. See above. LC was just on Watch What Happens Live and admitted that she, too, loves LA Slim Wraps.
  5. Take someone who goes to a sauna's approach. 'Nuf said

Or, you know, you could just do stuff like eat less salt, exercise, have some bananas (or any potassium rich foods like avocado or apricots since potassium balances fluid in the body), avoid sugar (since insulin spikes make it hard to secrete sodium), drink water (a well-hydrated body doesn't retain excess water), and eat a lot of fiber.

But if all of that doesn't float your boat, you could always take the Kim, AC, Kim, LC, or sauna approach. It probably won't be as effective, but hey, it'll sure help you determine whether or not your deodorant is working.

How do you lose water weight?


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