9-Year-Old Mila Kunis Is Awesomely Adorable in This 1993 Commercial (VIDEO)

mila kunisIf you weren't in love with Mila Kunis already, you will be after watching this. The 29-year-old actress was in a Lisa Frank commercial (you remember Lisa Frank -- her unicorns and bright colors and rainbows and the such as were all over Trapper Keepers and the ilk back in the '90s). Mila did her damnedest to try and sell us on how exciting the brand really is, and by golly, she did. A then-9-year-old Mila had a lot of spunk and definitely had that X factor. I mean, shoot. I wanna buy some Lisa Frank stickers! Killer job, Mila. Check out the retro 1993 commercial:



How amazing?


Photo via THRRussia/YouTube

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