Former ‘RHONJ’ Cast Member Might Come Back in Season 5 ... For Blood (VIDEO)

danielle staubWhen I read that former Real Housewives of New Jersey villain Danielle Staub had a meeting with Andy Cohen about the Housewives, as she says, "in general," all I could think of, and bear with me while I show my musical theater geekiness for a second, was the song called "Omigod You Guys" from the not at all critically acclaimed Broadway non-smash, Legally Blonde. Because, OMIGOD YOU GUYS, Danielle Staub might be coming back to RHONJ.


Danielle didn't give any specifics about her supposed sit-down with Bravo Andy, but listen, if they're meeting, you know something's up, and I hope against all hope that they were discussing her return to the series. I would be like a pig in shit if she showed up on the first episode of season 5, book in hand, talking to Jacqueline because, let's face it, Jacqueline is the only one dumb enough to socialize with a pariah.

And where there's Danielle, there's hopefully no Caroline Manzo. Anyone so sick of Caroline's holier than thou attitude? If she's so sage and wise, get the hell off reality TV and make room for those who are too out of touch to realize that they're ruining their lives for the viewer's sport. It's more fun for us that way. Plus, Caroline's "mama bear" shtick lost all credibility this season -- once you agree to have cameras film you and your daughter at a diner where you tell her she's a five-pound sausage in a three-pound bag, or whatever, you lose your honor badge of parenting and good-decision making.

I say let's get Caroline off the show, and Kathy, and maybe Jacqueline, too (I mean, all she does is weep, and I hear from inside sources that she's the most paranoid of the cast members and calls the producers late into the night worried about how she's coming across on camera; and with her son's autism diagnoses, she has bigger things to worry about) and let's get Danielle and Dina Manzo back on the show.

OMIGOD, omigod you guys ... I'm not saying Danielle and Dina's return would be the best thing that ever happened to me, but it would be the best thing that ever happened to me.

Watch Danielle talk about her meeting with Andy: 


Do you wanna see Danielle return?


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