'Game of Thrones' Season 3 Spoilers Preview Jon Snow's 'Tough Decisions' Ahead (VIDEO)

Jon SnowFans love Jon Snow on Game of Thrones. But there's a lot in store for him in season 3, based off of A Storm of Swords. As Eddard Stark's bastard son, Catelyn Stark never treated him well, and he is shipped away to serve on the Wall with the Night's Watch. His friendship with fat Samwell Tarly is the stuff bromance legends are made of. But in season 2, he was captured and hit on by Ygritte and the Wildings. Then he was forced to kill his leader, Qhorin Halfhand (an order Halfhand himself gave), to become one of the Wildings. Poor Jon. And according to Ygritte, he knows nothing.

But hottie Kit Harington himself said, as a part of a new interview from New York Comic-Con this past weekend, things get tougher for Jon. Kit revealed, "He has tough decisions to make, he always does ... He gets a really rough ride in this series and it always tough, kind of having to deal with these things that he has to deal with. I always feel very sorry for him."

More spoilers on Jon's story to come!


Kit continues to say, "He sees that he makes mistakes and gets stronger, makes mistakes. He’s always got a paternal figure telling him he’s wrong ... It’s going to be a man called Mance Rayder. Last season it was Qhorin Halfhand. The season before that it was his Uncle and his Father. He always has someone there as a patriarchal figure."

I for one can't wait to see Mance Rayder come to life on TV! Ciaran Hinds is going to play him, and since it's HBO, he'll probably be brilliant. It'll be fun watching him school Jon on Free Folk life.


We don't know yet what will happen to Jon in season 3, but we do know what happens to him in the book. Jon is taken to Mance to convince him that he is truly no longer a member of the Night's Watch. He also learns that the Others have returned, who we saw a preview of at the end of season 2. Jon and Ygritte finally get it on as well, even though he swore he wouldn't have sex as a member of the Night's Watch.

Eventually, Jon is sent to attack Castle Black. He betrays the Wildings and warns the Night Watch in time. He leads the defense against the Wildings, eventually winning the battle. Unfortunately, among those killed is Ygritte.

Jon continues to lead the Night's Watch against the Wilding army of 40,000 strong. After a mixup of leadership, Jon is sent to parley with Mance Rayder. He thinks he's going to die for his betrayal, but Rayder spares him. Suddenly, the army of King Stannis Baratheon arrives and overthrows the Wildings; Stannis wants to set up a new kingdom in the North. Soon enough, the Night's Watch chooses its new Lord Commander and Jon Snow wins!

So in all, it ends kind of happily for Jon ... but since the third book will be split into two seasons, I wonder where they'll end his story. His betrayal of the Wildings? He and Ygritte finally hooking up? Him looking down at Ygritte's dead body? So much in store, and I can't wait until March 2013 to see it all come to life!

Here's a featurette on Jon from season 2 to refresh your memory:

Is Jon Snow one of your favorite characters? Think all this will happen to him in HBO's version?


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