Melissa Gorga Thinks Teresa Guidice Should Leave 'RHONJ', But She Should, Too

melissa gorgaIn a recent interview with In Touch, Melissa Gorga stated that she thinks Teresa Giudice should quit reality TV. And you know what? She's right. If anyone ever needed to get out of the spotlight for the sake of their sanity, it's Teresa. In the mag, Gorga stated: "If reality TV is causing [Teresa's] family a lot of stress, then she should walk away. But I don’t think she’s there yet." No, Melissa, Teresa is not there yet, as she just signed on for another season of Real Housewives of New Jersey, despite the obvious pain it's caused her family (including her children). But you know what? Maybe Melissa should get off reality TV, too.


I don't think in the history of reality television, there has ever been a family that has gotten to the point Teresa's family has gotten to. It's literally destroyed both her immediate family and the relationship she has with her brother and sister-in-law (and the relationship they have with their parents). It's actually uncomfortable to watch (yet we're unable to look away). We've read about Teresa's kids being made fun of; how her relationship with her husband is basically non-existent; and how they're practically broke. And all these things can be traced backed to the show. Yet, she continues to do it. It's ... mind-boggling.

But then there's Melissa. And Caroline, and Jacqueline, and even Kathy. Their families all have suffered significant blows because of the show, as well. Not just Teresa. Caroline and Chris don't talk to their sister Dina. And Melissa and Kathy, being part of the Giudice/Gorga clan, obviously have their problems, also. The negative effects this show is having on all of these women -- more than any other Housewives franchise -- far outweigh the good. These women all have kids. Do they really want their children growing up and seeing them behave this way?

So, Melissa, again, you're right. Teresa should get off the show. But maybe you should consider it, also. You may have gotten a burgeoning singing career out of this, but I can't imagine much good beyond that is going to materialize. And I think you know that, too.

Do you think these ladies should get off the show for the sake of their families?


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