Robert Pattinson Can 'Hold On to Me' Anytime His Mopey Little Heart Desires

robert pattinsonDon't hate him because he's beautiful. Robert Pattinson is nothing if not a reluctant heartthrob, no matter how many Edward Cullen lunchboxes are floating around out there. He's a movie star moonlighting as an actor, but it's clear from his post-Twilight projects which direction he wants to go in next. Cosmopolis and Bel Ami, hello? Cronenberg and a costume drama? He's thinking craft, not box office bang.

And it sounds like his next role is even more of a creative leap!


Apparently RPattz has taken a supporting role in the indie film noir Hold On to Me starring Carey Mulligan. I know, I know -- why isn't he the lead role?! Calm down. I'm sure there's a method to his madness. First of all, this is supposedly a "flashy" supporting role -- and the plot sounds, um, intense: It's a true crime drama about a femme fatale who teams up with her boyfriend to kidnap some rich dude for ransom and bury him in a box. Yikes!

"Flashy," indeed!But wait -- RPattz isn't playing the kidnapper. So far all we know is that his character's name is "Jimmy."

Mysterious! Can't wait to see what this Jimmy dude is all about. And what makes him so flashy. I don't know about you, but I'm picturing a wacked-out, Brad Pitt in 7 Monkeys kind of flashy.

What do you think Robert Pattinson's role in Hold On to Me will be like?


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