Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's Reunion May Have Already Hit the Skids

robert pattinson kristen stewartSorry to burst your bubbles, Robsten fans, but the blissful pre-Breaking Dawn: Part 2 reunion we've seen play out before our very eyes between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson may not be the mushy-gushy lovefest we had hoped for. Oh, sure, the two have been spotted out and about together in Hollywood, acting all like, "What bizarro paparazzi shots of Kristen and Rupert Sanders getting their hump on?"

But don't get too comfy with the idea of them being back together. Apparently, "sources" -- oh those chatty "sources"! -- are saying the "cuddly" couple may not be as content as they're making it seem ...


Insiders explain that the two "have the same arguments over and over. It's hard to get past the hurt." Oh man! That does not sound promising.

Okay, no one ever said relationships are a walk in the park and arguing is a totally normal part of being in one. In fact, they say that if you don't argue, something's probably seriously wrong with your relationship -- like you're avoiding confrontation, and eventually, you're just going to explode on one another. Agh! Anyway! I can't think of one couple who doesn't have the same silly debate or annoying point of contention with our partner that crops up again and again. But having the same BIG arguments over and over seems like a clear sign the relationship may be beyond repair.

After all, if all you're doing is fighting, and you're not getting anywhere no matter how hard you try, and you feel like you're just not getting through or making progress or, ultimately, feeling HAPPY more often than not, what's the point? Sadly, perpetual arguments about the same, serious subject -- be it money, sex, children, or trust issues -- are likely the main reason relationships/marriages fall apart.

Don't get me wrong. I'd love to see these two crazy vampires make it work, but if they're ultimately happier apart than together, maybe it's time to bite the bullet and break up once and for all.

Do you agree constant arguing is a sign a relationship is beyond repair?

Image via London Entertainment/Splash

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