Adorable Guy Uses Taylor Swift Lyrics as Pick-Up Lines (VIDEO)

Tommy experiment taylor swiftWhether Taylor Swift grates on your nerves or gives you a rush of pop euphoria when you hear her syrupy-sweet songs, you gotta admit, the country star sure has that whole rush of first love butterflies thing down pat. I'm not quite sure I'd be so quick to call her a poet, per se, but her lyrics could totally be used as pick-up lines, right? Well, that's the theory one guy, YouTube filmmaker Tommy Wooldridge, decided to test in his most recent work.

Tommy -- who is completely adorable and who I'm guessing Taylor Swift herself would date in a nanosecond (but then again, who wouldn't she date?!) -- says he doesn't know how to talk to girls. So, he memorized a bunch of Taylor's lyrics to songs like "Love Story," "Teardrops On My Guitar," "You Belong to Me," and even her latest, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," and then used them to hit on unsuspecting young women. Watch the hilarity and cringeworthy cuteness that unfolded ...


Ahhhh! I adore this kid! He's so sweet. I thought his little experiment could go awry and get mega-creepy super-fast, but awww -- no, it was perfect. I just feel a bit awful for him, because it looks like almost 95 percent of the girls he approached were spoken for.

Just goes to show how TOUGH it can be to be a single guy looking for love. Oh, don't get me started about being a single woman -- I could go on for hours. But, at the same time, Tommy's experiment definitely illustrates that it's rarely a piece of cake for men to get up the nerve to talk to us. By putting themselves out there, they're setting themselves up for awkwardness ... rejection ... complete and utter DISASTER! That said, if they come up with anything remotely sweet, creative, goofy, or straightforward and friendly, we gotta give 'em credit. Just look at what happened to this poor guy! Getting the ball rolling with someone you're interested in is not easy.  

Boo! I was really hoping Tommy would get his very own "Love Story" fairy tale ending. Maybe next time he should see if Justin Bieber's or One Direction's lyrics can score him a date?

What's the sweetest pick-up line you've ever been approached with?


Image via tommycanpictureit/YouTube

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