Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson May Have Liberty Ross to Blame for Their Breakup

I know we're all celebrating the reunion of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, who are a trillion percent fo' shizzle back together. But let's think for a moment to how it all started, shall we? Relaaaax ... cloooose your eyes ... and think back to a time when US Weekly got ahold of photos of KStew making out with married director Rupert Sanders. The mag had received a tip that the two were having an affair, so a photographer followed Kristen and ... BUSTED. Nobody ever knew who called in that tip. It's like Deep Throat in the Watergate scandal. That secretive, my friends. Until now. Maybe.

Reportedly, it was none other than Rupert's scorned wife, Liberty Ross, who set in motion the forces that would almost tear America's favorite couple apart forever. Um ... what?!!


A source told Hollywood Life:

Liberty wanted Rupert to get caught in the act so he would be humiliated. Liberty told a friend in London that she heard rumors that her husband was having an affair with Kristen. She knew her friend was going to leak the info to a photo agency.

Woah. If this is true, I think Liberty had every right to have Rupert's rear end tailed by a pap. She'd probably suspected something was going on and did what wives usually do -- confront and demand the truth. And cheating husbands do what cheating husbands usually do -- deny, deny, deny. He probably pulled the old gaslight routine: "Are you crazy? I'm not cheating! You are really getting paranoid, Liberty! I think you need to get some therapy."

Anyway, Libs had every right to have Rupert trailed and catch him AND Kristen in the act. Even if it meant humiliating them both on a hugely public scale. HOWEVER. Doesn't this kind of mean that Liberty wasn't exactly taken by surprise by these photos? Does she still deserve so much sympathy? If she really was behind this, was it fair to do to their two young children?

The sad part is that while KStew and RPattz are reunited and it feeeels so gooood, Liberty and Rupert are still on the outs. But hell hath no fury like a former model with photographer connections scorned.

Do you think Liberty was behind the tip-off to the Kristen/Rupert affair? If so, did she have a right to do it?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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