Kris Jenner Saves 'X Factor' Deal for Khloe Kardashian by Using Her Crazy, Voodoo Momager Magic

kris jennerSay what you want about Kris Jenner, but the woman gets. Shit. Done. Apparently, there was a bit of a discrepancy involving the E! and Fox networks in regards to Khloe Kardashian's new X Factor hosting gig. But Kris, momager extraordinaire that she is, stepped in and worked some of that black pixie 'do magic. And as per usual, everything came up Kardashian. 


According to TMZ, Jenner is the sole person responsible for sealing the deal on her daughter's new gig. Supposedly, negotiations were a hair away from completely falling apart, and Kris stepped in, and put everything back together again. A source that was reportedly involved with the negotiations said that X Factor was thisclose to pulling the plug on hiring Khloe when Kris "stepped in over the agents ... over everyone" and forced the networks to sit down and come to a deal. Which, obviously, they eventually did.

Kris Jenner is called many things. A puppeteer. A woman who whores out her children. A bad mom. But dude. You have to admit, this is impressive. The lady single-handedly brought two major networks together in the interest of her daughter's career. That's some talent right there. That's some power. That's some balls.

Personally, I'm happy Jenner got involved and made this deal happen. I think Khloe will be great on X Factor. And I've gotta say: I have a little more respect Jenner now. Boss lady.

Do you like Kris Jenner?


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