'Twilight' Marathon Trailer Gives Just a Taste of the 10-Hour Sparkliness Feast (VIDEO)

TwilightI've noticed that for me, one of the less-pleasant side effects of aging is the increasing discomfort of movie theater seats. I'm fine for the first 30 minutes or so, then I inevitably spend the remainder of the film shifting around in my chair -- crossing and uncrossing my legs, scootching up and down -- in an effort to relieve the various aches and pains that settle in. That's why there's no way in hell I'll be watching the Twilight movie marathon on November 15, because that is over TEN HOURS of theater sitting.

Well, and the other reason being that five Twilight movies is exactly 4.79 Twilight movies too many.

But! For you diehard fans, you'll be glad to hear that not only can you purchase your Twilight marathon tickets now, you can enjoy the official just-released marathon trailer. It may only be a minute long, but it's jam-packed with so much Twilight goodness you can practically FEEL the sparkles.


As you can probably guess, the marathon begins with a screening of Twilight, followed by New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn: Part 1, and finally -- assuming you haven't succumbed to a Twizzler-induced coma by then -- culminates with the much-anticipated theatrical release of Breaking Dawn: Part 2.

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Marathon viewers will enjoy "exclusive interstitial content" played between the films, and will also receive a special event-only lanyard to house their precious ticket. I assume the lanyard says, "I watched an entire day's worth of the Twilight saga and all I got was this stupid plastic sleeve (also, a pulmonary embolism)."  

Regal Cinemas Crown Club members also get a concession combo deal: a medium popcorn and a medium drink for $5. I assume you'll want to consume at least 9 of those during the marathon to stay alert, so ... ladies, you might want to consider a special purchase ahead of time.

Juuuuuust saying.

Now that you have all the thrilling marathon details, here's the trailer you've been waiting for:

Lip biting! Pectorals! Wolves! And don't forget: this will go on for over TEN EPIC HOURS! Dear god.

Will you be watching the Twilight marathon on November 15?

Image via Summit

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