Teresa Giudice Debunks Melissa Gorga's Moving Story as a Big, Fat Lie

Teresa GiudiceA lot of insane words strung into even more insane sentences come out of Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice's mouth. Most of which I don't believe. But when she started talking about how Melissa Gorga is lying as to why she and her family are moving (the supposed reason is to get away from Teresa), I started actually believing her. I mean, Melissa's story really doesn't add up.


If you saw the RHONJ reunion, you know that Melissa made this teary-eyed speech, talking about how she needed to move to get her children away from Teresa's children. And if you didn't, now you know. But, as Teresa pointed out pointed out to the website, All About the Real Housewives, that'sss ... probably a lie. Teresa said: "I do think it’s sad that Melissa is using my children and me as an excuse as to why she’s moving. Our children won’t even be going to the same school with each other until 6th grade so that’s five years that she has that she can still live in the house if that really is the issue. My brother has made a studio for her and is even making a pool yet they are moving out of this 'dream home' because of me and my children? If that were really the case, she would go on another show and wouldn’t be on the same show with me."

Hmm ... I hate to say it, but Teresa does have a point. Why would Melissa move now? And if "getting away" from Teresa is really the issue, wouldn't she leave Housewives, as well?

I definitely side more with Melissa in the never-ending Gorga-Giudice feud, and for the most part, I think Teresa's pretty much lost it. But in this case, she's got a point. Melissa's story just isn't matching up.

Do you think Melissa is really moving to get away from Teresa?


Image via Bravo

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