Kim Kardashian May Be Gaining Weight for Kanye West (VIDEO)

kim kardashianMost celebrity weight loss claims and stories are incredibly annoying -- because they usually have absolutely NOTHING to do with reality -- but prepare yourself to get even more annoyed than ever before. Remember back a few weeks ago when rumors swirled that Kanye West was pressuring GF Kim Kardashian to lose weight? Yup, apparently, he was urging Kim to go on the Master Cleanse -- like his envy-crush Beyonce -- because he thought she could stand to lose a few. At the time, we were all, "OMG, you have to be kidding us?!"

Well, now -- the rumor mill has the crazy pendulum swinging to the opposite extreme. New reports -- from The Daily Mail and Heat magazine, so yeah, not the most reliable sources -- say Kim is gaining weight for Kanye. Because he likes curves. A friend supposedly said, "Instead of hitting the gym at 6 a.m., she's finding herself staying in bed with Kanye and really letting her guard down."


What's more, "her rapper boyfriend is said to be happy with her new shape and he has been encouraging her to diet less." As a result, Kim reportedly weighs the MOST she ever has! FACE. PALM.

There is just so much wrong with this story, I don't even know where to begin. But let's start with this: All of this gossip could be cockamamie hooey, but the reality star herself has been yakking on Twitter and to Life & Style about vowing to drop weight she's gained while "happy" in her relationship, so there's that. Perhaps it's all self-driven, and she really does just want to be healthy and fit into her clothes, or maybe she is slacking with her workout regimen cuz she's comfortable and happy in her relationship. Fine, fine, fine.

But the idea that her boyfriend is driving her to be nutso about her weight -- in one direction OR the other! -- is so screwed up I can't stand it. It's bad enough Kim seems to take direction 24/7 from Kris Jenner. But to now have another controlling force in her life, influencing her health? Very disturbing.

Well, one thing's for sure ... No matter what kinds of changes she's made to her routine, science has proven time and again that people don't tend to stick to any habit that they've only adopted for someone else. So, if there is any truth to this gossip, it's only a matter of time before it all backfires ... Still, here's hoping both rumors are total hogwash, and the truth lies somewhere in the much more moderate, happy, healthy middle. In which Kim is simply taking care of herself -- for herself.

Check out this video for more news on Kim's ever-controversial weight loss/gain ...



How screwed up would it be if Kanye really is pressuring Kim to lose or gain weight?!


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