Bette Midler on ‘Glee’ Could Be the Best Guest Star News Ever

Bette Midler on 'Glee'Earth shattering news, Glee fans. At a recent awards show, co-creator Ryan Murphy invited Bette Midler (!!!) to guest star on the show, and Bette didn't say no! In fact, later that night, she tweeted that she was already getting suggestions from fans of what role to play! Holy YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

Heck, you thought some of the guest stars from episodes past were great? Hello, Bette Midler is an absolute legend! This is the woman behind Hocus Pocus, the voice behind Oliver & Company's Georgette, the woman who did an epic cover of "Wind Beneath My Wings" that I listened to on repeat throughout my entire adolescence. This would make Glee history!

The question on everyone's mind though: What would Bette do on Glee? More importantly, who would she play? Lucky for you, I've got a few hunches, starting with Rachel's grandmother.


1. Rachel's grandmother: OK, I didn't think of this one myself. Apparently this is the role some of Bette's Twitter followers think would be perfect for her, and I can totally agree. We had the chance to meet Rachel's gay dads and her mom last season, and can see where she gets some of that creative energy and musical talent. It only makes sense to continue it through the blood line, amiright?

2. The dean of NYADA: Kate Hudson is only the tip of the faculty possibilities at NYADA. You can't even lie, Bette definitely has the gusto to play such a big, dominant role. I could see her rocking some big velvet robe sitting behind a huge wood desk. Maybe that's just because now I have visions of her in Hocus Pocus running rampant through my mind.

3. Herself: Who am I kidding, it makes sense for Bette to play herself on the hit show. Heck, the woman has a voice that can definitely add to the ensemble. I could see her running into Kurt when he's leaving a day of work at Vogue or even starring in a Broadway show Rachel goes to see with Brody. As long as she belts somethin' out, I'm in.

Would you like to see Bette on Glee? Do you think she'd be a good fit?

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