7 Self-Help Books Emily Maynard Should Read to Get Over Jef

emily maynardThank god Emily Maynard and Jef Holm finally admitted to the world, and themselves, that their reality TV-found romance was not, alas, forever. Jef made an indication of Facebook that he's single and Emily was spotted looking sad while perusing the self-help aisle at a local Barnes & Noble. Oof.

Sounds too staged to be true, right? I couldn't care less if these two are just faking us out or are actually broken up, but I do know one thing -- Emily's not wrong about those self-help books. I hear they can be quite the tool when trying to get over someone.

Because she's probably too busy planning her next TV appearance, I've taken the liberty to compile a list of the 7 best self-help books Emily needs, ASAP.


And by "best" I mean "not the best, at all."

Emily picked up Greater by Steven Furtick, which is supposedly about finding a higher purpose in your life through the notorious G-O-D, so when she's done with that, maybe she'll settle in with one of the above selections.

Hope she goes for the CD. That ish seems amazing.

What do you think Emily should read next?


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