Kim Kardashian's Fake Fur Tweet Says a Lot About Her

kim kardashianKim Kardashian wants you to know that she's added some fancy, new faux fur items to her Kardashian Kollection line. So, guess what she's doing? Duh. She's promoting it on Twitter! What else would Kim do? Everybody knows that if Twitter (and Instagram) were ever to disappear, Kim would spontaneously combust.



Okay, not literally, but seriously guys -- does that word have any meaning anymore? Literally, it does not.

I often wonder if Kim would be half as successful as she is if it weren't for social media. Okay, I don't often wonder it, but I wondered it after I read her tweet. I mean, she promotes everything -- even just her plain, old self -- on Twitter and Instagram. It's literally partially responsible for making her the insanely rich woman she is today.

And the same goes for other celebs, too. I mean, reality stars have massive followings online; as do pop stars and Ashton Kutcher.

On one hand, it's cool -- fans are able to have "actual" contact with celebrities. On the other, it can be a little TMI at times. I mean, do we really need to be notified every time Bethenny Frankel drinks a Diet Coke, or Kim goes "night-night"?

Do you think Kim is Twitter obsessed?

Image via AshleyCooper/Flickr

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