Complimenting Jennifer Aniston Gets Hotel Worker Fired (VIDEO)

We're all thrilled that Jennifer Aniston is finally engaged to be married and now we can stop thinking about when she'll get engaged to be married and start thinking about when she'll have a baby! After that, we'll focus on when she'll have Baby #2 and then when she'll divorce. Right? Anyway, Jen is currently in New Mexico, filming a movie, and word has it she loves it so much, she may even marry Justin Theroux there. But one guy isn't so thrilled Jen came to town. Reportedly, he just lost his job because of it. Jen is staying at the hotel he works at, and you won't believe what he said about Jen that got him fired. You simply won't believe his NERVE!!


So reports say that the guy told hotel guests that Jen was "very sweet" and "much more petite" than he thought.

HOW DARE YOU!!! Er, wait ... what?!

TMZ says that the man, Terry Seigler, was fired from the Encantado Resort in Santa Fe where he worked as a shuttle bus driver after someone in Jen's entourage overheard him compliment the star and reported it. Which kind of makes Jen's camp sound like world class a**holes!

But let's look at this a little closer, shall we? While the guy might have been doing nothing but praising Jen, apparently what he got fired for was breaching his confidentiality contract. You're just not supposed to talk about other guests, period. (Besides, what does that mean, she's more petite than you thought? So you thought she was a heifer?!) He broke da rules -- even if he did it nicely.

Jen's public relations rep said that Jen is aware of the situation. So ... what does that mean? Will she lobby to get the guy's job back? If she did did manage to get the guy's job back, that would be quite a public relations coup, wouldn't it? She'd look like such a mensch. And then maybe she could even invite the guy to her wedding. And sit him next to Brad Pitt's mom. Everyone wins!

Should Jen get this guy's job back?

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