Jennifer Aniston Tears Up When Talking About Justin Theroux & Man Is It Adorable (VIDEO)

jennifer aniston chelsea latelyFor anybody who's ever doubted that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were the real deal, feast your eyes on this. It's a video of Jen getting teary-eyed -- or "verklempt" as she refers to it -- on BFF Chelsea Handler's show when the subject of her recent engagement comes up. No bells; no whistles; no "look at me I'm a rich actress trying to make it seem like I'm super-duper-extra in love." Real, genuine tears. And g.d. is it adorable. Check it out.



You catch those little tears, right there? That was incredibly cute, and man, does Jennifer Aniston seem happy.

We, the public, have been so invested in this woman's romantic (and personal) life for so long now that I have to say, I'm glad she's "keeping it real" on Chelsea. I'm happy she didn't just breeze over the subject, with a cool and tight-lipped "yes." She's clearly thrilled that she's engaged to Justin -- and she shared it with the world like a giddy bride-to-be. It was fantastic.

Congrats, Jen. And if you and Chelsea are looking for a third bestie, I'm available.

How cute is Jennifer Aniston in this video?

Image via ChelseaLately/YouTube

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