Kim Kardashian Loves Faux Fur -- Here's How Moms Can Pull Off the Look (PHOTOS)

Kylie McConville | Oct 17, 2012 Celebrities

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Well guys, Kim Kardashian is back at it and this time she's shouting out her love of faux fur from the rooftops in promoting the new Kardashian Kollection line. The reality TV diva says she's crazy about the look and thinks the "cute, warmer pieces are perfect for the colder months." We've got to hand it to her -- she's right.

Her shameless plug for publicity for the Kardashian Kollection aside, Kim is on to something with this one, y'all. Fake fur is a safe, inexpensive, and glamorous alternative to wearing real fur (and of course it's a whole lot nicer to the animals). But going out in fur is daring, and there's a fine line to walk when stepping into the look. Since KiKi is infamous for overdoing fur, we've decided to help you ladies tone it down in the name of going natural and saving money!

Here are 6 ways to look fab in faux fur without going overboard. You'd be surprised how easy and fashionable it is.

Would you ever wear faux fur? Think it's a good idea Kim K. is endorsing it?

Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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