Katie Holmes Won't Date Actors Anymore Which Stinks for Chris Klein

Everyone's favorite single mom wonderwoman superheroine Katie Holmes has made a lot of big life changes this year. She moved to New York. She's doing a play. She rides the subway! And, oh yeah, she got divorced from one of the planet's biggest stars and certainly its biggest couch-jumping Scientologoholic, Tom Cruise! But that's not all! Katie is also making another ginormous changeroo. No, she's not going to forgo Whole Foods for Foodtown. She's decided to stop dating actors. Woah. HUGE. I mean, that's all she's ever dated, right? And just when we thought Katie's ex-fiance Chris Klein was getting to know her underground parking garage like the back of his hand. What's behind this earth-shatteringly, tectonic-plate-shifting change of taste in men? I mean, besides the obvious?


One of those trusty anonymous sources told RadarOnline:

Katie doesn’t want to tie herself down just yet, but she says she’s done going out with actors. Her previous relationships with Joshua [Jackson], Chris [Klein] and Tom [Cruise] didn’t work out, so she thinks she should look away from her own profession.

Ah, the old boomerang effect. When a relationship doesn't work out, we can tend to "boomerang" to someone the complete opposite of the person we were with before. I'm guessing Scientologists are off the menu too. So if Katie is done with actors, what's next? Whole Foods checkout dude? Maybe someone who works in the subway, as Katie is now fond of taking New York public transport?

Reportedly one friend is trying to hook Katie up with an artist. You know, a real artist, not a Tom Cruise artist. Someone who paints or draws, that kinda thing. Yeah, I dunno about that. Katie, an artist is just an actor, but with less money. Might want to reconsider that, girl.

But another report says that Katie might leave the guy-finding up to her dad. Sayeth a trusty source:

Katie hates being single -- and her dad knows it. They have always been incredibly close, and he’s made it his mission to try to find her a new man.

Hm, maybe Katie needs a man just like dear old dad. He was, after all, the divorce lawyer who orchestrated her lightning-quick divorce. But Katie, if there's one thing you need to know, it's that lawyers are even worse dating material than actors and artists.

I'm rooting for the Whole Foods guy.

Do you think Katie should stop dating actors?


Image via LLLEV/Flickr

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