Never-Before-Seen 'Exorcist' Footage Will Make Your Head Spin (VIDEO)

Exorcist footageThe Exorcist is the stuff of middle school and elementary school nightmares. And now there is new footage from the iconic 1973 film to scare our pants off just in time for Halloween.

Ask most people and this movie is definitely the scariest one they have ever seen. The head spinning! The vomiting! The possession! The found footage from the film shows Regan MacNeil practicing levitating in her bedroom. It's terrifying. Egads!

Of course, it's the kind of movie that one can only seen once for the first time. But now, if you loved it, there is some shudder-inducing new footage that will haunt your nightmares. See below:


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Did this movie scare you as a kid?

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