Finn Will Move On From Rachel in a Major Way During 'Glee' Season 4

finchel breaks up After Glee's last epic "Break-Up" episode -- in which Klaine, Brittana, and Finchel all seemingly called their respective relationships quits -- we Gleeks were left hanging, unsure of which, if any, of our favorite couples would ever get back together. Although we won't know where things are headed until the show returns on November 8, one thing's for sure: Rachel and Finn will both fall for new love interests. Ugh, sadness!

Okay, yeah, I know plenty of Gleeks think Rachel's new NYADA heartthrob Brody (played by Dean Geyer) is a major hottie, but I'm such a Finchel loyalist! It'll be equally crushing to see Finn start dating someone new. But that's exactly what Glee producer Brad Falchuk says is destined to happen. 


Falchuk told TV Line:

The idea is yes, it’s interesting to have him find someone. I don’t know if it has to happen so soon — certainly not in the first nine or 10 episodes — and we don’t know who it’s going to be yet.

Whoa. So, what he's sayin' is ... this isn't some 30-second split. Finchel is OVER for a while. Boooo!

Some fans have kicked around the idea that Finn might get back together with his first Lima love, Quinn, but being that she's at Yale -- and Dianna Agron may soon have bigger, better fish to fry than more episodes of Glee -- I doubt it. Since Finn is going to set up camp in Lima and start helping Mr. Schue with all of McKinley's musical extra-currics, I wouldn't be surprised if he falls for someone else local. Perhaps still in high school? That would be scandalous! Or like Rachel, someone entirely new ... Either way, bummer!

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But there is some hope for Finchel fans like me: When asked if he thinks Finn and Rachel will remain broken up for good, Cory Monteith said, "I don’t. It’s hard when you get attached to someone." Whoohoo! Besides, his genuine chemistry with Lea Michele is something the Glee writers should know would be a shame to waste!

Are you psyched to see these two move on or would you rather Finn and Rachel got back together ASAP?


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