Kim Kardashian's Sexy Cat Costume Crosses the Line (PHOTO)

kim kardashian halloween costumeKim Kardashian has officially become a caricature of herself. She's been precariously close to crossing this line over the years, but when she posted a photo of herself in a sheer cat suit costume for Halloween, she officially crossed it. Even her real cat, Mercy, is shaking his gorgeous, fluffy, white head, and saying, "Seriously, Mommy?"


There isn't a single person on this planet who isn't aware of the fact that Kim Kardashian is sexy. We know. We have eyes. We see her and her endless curves pretty much every single day of our lives. But there's a point in which sexy crosses over into completely ridiculous, and I think we're straddling the fence right now with this photo.

Kim posted this photo of herself to her Instagram a few days ago, along with the caption: "Rawwwr!!! Halloween Costume shopping." I mean, come on, girl. Really? A mesh-front cat costume. This takes the whole "sexy everything" Halloween costume theory to a new level.

I think it would be awesome if Kim went as a nun for Halloween this year. Or a pumpkin. Or a ghost. The unsexy versions. That would be the most surprising thing she could do. That would really get everyone talking.

But I guess I'm talking about her right now when she's in one of her usual scantily-clad get-ups. You win again, Kim!

Kardashians: A million. The world: Zero.

What do you think of Kim's sexy kitty costume?

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Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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