Kristen Stewart Fears for Life After Cheating on Robert Pattinson (VIDEO)

Kristen StewartThings may be hunky-dory with Robert Pattinson again, but it sounds like Kristen Stewart is still feeling the negative effects left behind by her cheating with Rupert Sanders. Ok, so maybe "negative effects" is a nice way of saying she's still the most hated woman in Hollywood -- something which even she realizes.

And while cheating on Rob did quite a bit of potential damage to the loyalty of her fan base and her career -- that seems to be the least of her worries at this point. Because apparently KStew has developed a serious paranoia complex and thinks someone might try to kill her. (Oh, for crying out loud.)


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A new e-book recently came out entitled Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner -- In Their Own Words, and some of Kristen's "own words" included:

Nowadays it’s harder because everyone is on Facebook and everyone knows where you are all the time, and everyone’s twittering. Like I’m going to die because somebody is going to say where I am and somebody is going to kill me. Someone’s going to twitter my location and then it’s going to be like, boom.

Really? She really thinks someone is going to try and kill her? I guess the time period when that particular comment was made is questionable, but if she said it after the news of the cheating scandal broke, then it's almost like she's either admitting that everyone hates her, or she's trying to have some sort of pity party for herself.

Considering just how big of a star she's been since the first Twilight movie came out, you'd think she'd be used to all of the downsides of fame, including obsessed fans, stalkers, and total nut-jobs who can't decide if they want to marry her or put her in her grave.

Her worry really shouldn't be anything new -- unless of course, she knows she has a hell of a lot more to be afraid of now that she cheated on Sparkles and made a fool out of him. (Which would mean she knows just how badly she screwed up.)

Huh. Maybe she should seriously consider getting a couple more bodyguards -- just in case.

To hear more about Kristen's fears, check out this video clip.

Do you think Kristen's paranoia is a result of fame in general, or does the cheating scandal have something to do with it?


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